Identity thieves targeting federal tax return filings

Identity thieves targeting federal tax return filings

MILWAUKIE, Ore. - Lynda Dietz learned there was a problem with her federal tax return this year.

The IRS sent her a letter after she filed her federal tax return. She got on the phone with an IRS agent.

“She goes 'I really hate to be the bearer of bad news and I'm so sorry but you have been the victim of identity theft,” Dietz said. “Somebody had e-filed using my social security number and my name.”

Lynda was counting on the federal tax refund to pay her Oregon income tax. It was gone.

The ID thieves even added another fake name to Dietz’s federal tax return.

“I'm clueless of who this person is,” Dietz said. “That's what triggered it for me, was like 'wait a minute. Who is that?'”

Milwaukie police said they have received a half-dozen similar complaints this month. The IRS requires tax return ID theft victims to file local police reports in order for the feds to accept their real tax return filling.

According to officer Ulli Neitch of the Milwaukie Police Department, “A few of them actually were doing their taxes online and were notified that the social security number had already been used.”

Lynda Dietz is just glad she didn't wait until the April 15 federal tax deadline to file her return.

“That's what's really scary,” says Dietz, “Had I just messed around with it 'oh, I'll wait 'til the end of March, first of April' maybe this wouldn't have gotten caught.”