Inappropriate sexual behavior main reason teachers lose jobs, data shows

Inappropriate sexual behavior main reason teachers lose jobs, data shows »Play Video
FILE -- Alexander Taylor, a former Oregon City teacher, spent 10 days in jail for sexting with a student.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The biggest reason for teachers losing their licenses in the Portland metro area was because of inappropriate sexual behavior, according to data from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

The data shows the student-teacher boundary is being violated. There are multiple references in the cases to social media like Facebook, Snapchat and even the dating website OKCupid.

Snapchat is a phone app that helps you send a picture or video to someone and within a few seconds that picture or video disappears.

Alexander Taylor, an Oregon City teacher who had his license revoked, used Snapchat to send pictures of himself shirtless to a student and a picture of his crotch while sitting at his desk at school. The caption with that picture read, “Come sit here.”

The investigative report from the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission also covered how Taylor asked the student if she ever had sex with her boyfriend, and when the student told him she was a virgin, he responded, "Good, save yourself for me."

In another case the commission investigated, Beaverton School District teacher Timothy Collin Anderson went to law enforcement to report he was being exploited. The report says he was using the dating website OKCupid, engaging in conversation of a sexual nature with someone named Emma Lee who told him she was only 15.

According the commission, Anderson exchanged with the girl, including partially nude photos of Emma Lee, before someone else entered the conversation accusing Anderson of being a pedophile. That person threatened to expose Anderson's conversation with Emma Lee to the public "if Anderson did not send him some equipment valued at $1000.”

Anderson went to police, who were never able to charge him because they couldn't find a victim. But Anderson did subsequently get his teaching license revoked.

Vicki Chamberlain, the executive director of the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices commission, said most of the boundary violations still come in the form of text.

“Check their kids’ texts,” she said as advice to parents, “particularly if they say they’re being engaged with any adult, even if it’s a coaching situation. I think the hardest part is we want to trust first, but if somebody is overly texting with a teacher they need to be paying attention to that.”

She’s also seeing an uptick in female teachers getting busted for inappropriate boundaries with students and teachers younger than 40 years old. She says younger teachers are more savvy than older ones and closer in age to the high school students they befriend.

Chamberlain said schools are still catching up on this issue since social media technology is changing so quickly. But she strongly recommends that schools tighten their policies on teacher communications with students outside the classroom. One-on-one messaging, she said, should be off limits to avoid the slippery slope.

The number of teachers disciplined is a fraction of the roughly 40,000 licensees working in Oregon's public schools. With an average of 30 to 40 revocations each year, Chamberlain said it's important to remember to keep that perspective in mind.

To see the full list of Oregon teachers who've been disciplined in 2013-2014 click here. For Washington, click here.

List of teachers in the Portland metro area who've had their licenses revoked in 2013-2014:


Timothy Collin Anderson

Rochelle Marie Buhl
Portland Public SD 1J

Alexander Joseph Taylor
Oregon City SD 62


Jonathan Curtis Broderick
Seaside SD 10

Kyle Edmund Bunch
Central Catholic High School

Tanya M Earle
Molalla River SD 35

Jeffrey Lee Gilbert
Reynolds SD 7

Janet Marie Gillespie
David Douglas SD 40

Cynthia Viola Harris
Portland Public SD 1J

Katie Lynn Heilsberg
Estacada SD 108

Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh
Woodburn SD 103

Douglas Wayne Hofmeister
Forest Grove SD 15

Brandy Anne Kane
Tigard-Tualatin SD 23

Haley Michelle Kauer
McMinnville SD 40

Gary Steven Lovos
Beaverton SD 48J

Carlos Jorge Monteblanco
David Douglas SD 40

Michael Ralph Montgomery
Salem/Keizer SD 24J

Michelle Marie Pedersen
Howard Street Charter School

David Paul Prom
Gladstone SD 115

Logan Jack Storm
McMinnville SD 40

Sara Lynn Tribbey
Salem/Keizer SD 24J