Internet Casanova's alleged string of deception ends with capture

Internet Casanova's alleged string of deception ends with capture

PORTLAND, Ore. – Women met him online, and then they say he robbed them blind. Authorities finally caught Ray Holycross near South Bend, Ind. but not before another woman took him in.

The KATU On Your Side Investigators uncovered how Holycross made his way from the Midwest to Portland, using Internet dating sites to meet women and then apparently steal from them.
"He scammed all of us. He's a professional at this," said a woman named Michelle.

She told KATU that Holycross stole her credit card and then started using it. Four different women told similar stories.

"He sent me an emergency couch request (online), stating he had been mugged in Portland, lost all of his belongings (and) needed help," said "Stephanie" via phone from Salt Lake City, Utah.

She said she fell for his trap when he made his way to that state.

He eventually returned to Indiana where police arrested him at his live-in girlfriend’s home in Mishawaka.

"He's the one that answered the door, and they took him out in the hall and questioned him. They came in and found the gun," said Theresa.

Theresa said the gun was in her boyfriend's backpack. Police told her it was reported stolen by one of his former girlfriends.

But Theresa discovered something else.

"I had found a receipt from a pawnshop, and it was for my camera," she said.

Many other women told KATU they discovered they were robbed the same way – Holycross gone, a backpack left behind and a pawnshop receipt inside.

"After he was arrested – looking into things – that's when I found out what his real last name was. It was Holycross, and that's when I found out all the information about all of the websites and the dating sites," Theresa said.

Many of the woman whom Holycross stayed with found a website where other women talked about their experiences with the Internet Casanova.

Holycross is in jail without bail.