Kitzhaber ignores questions about Cover Oregon

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Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (center) ignores questions about Cover Oregon Friday, May 23, 2014 as he leaves an unrelated news conference in downtown Portland.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber ignored questions from a KATU reporter and citizens Friday about the state’s failed Cover Oregon website.

Kitzhaber was grilled by KATU’s On Your Side Investigator Chelsea Kopta about Cover Oregon as he left an unrelated news conference downtown and made his way to his vehicle.

Kopta: Governor, I’m curious what your thoughts are about the grand jury investigation into Cover Oregon and the state?

Kopta: Governor, do you think you should give the money (that the state used from the federal government for Cover Oregon) back?

Kitzhaber continued walking without answering the questions.

Then a citizen began firing questions at the governor.

“Governor Kitzhaber, are you going to go to jail?” the citizen asked. “Is the FBI investigating you? Is the FBI investigating you, governor? You don’t want to answer your public? You’re a criminal. The FBI is investigating you. You going to jail?”

The governor did not respond.

Kopta asked the governor if KATU could be added onto his schedule. He said, “Yes.”

That was the only question he answered.