Lawsuit claims slide at Playdate PDX 'dangerously defective'

Lawsuit claims slide at Playdate PDX 'dangerously defective' »Play Video
Three women are suing Playdate PDX after they say they were injured on this slide.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Months after KATU uncovered and investigated a slide at Playdate PDX, three women are suing the company.

The women say the slide is "dangerously defective," and they've all been injured by it.

KATU began investigating the slide in April. That's when another woman, not a part of this lawsuit, told KATU she had been injured on the same slide.

This lawsuit comes from women who say they suffered fractures and other injuries after going down the slide at Playdate PDX.

Together, they're suing for nearly $40,000 in medical treatment needed by the victims plus an undetermined about of money for pain and suffering.

Their attorney, Mark McDougal, says the facility put up a warning sign but once someone's on the slide, it's too late.

“The slope of the slide is just unreasonably dangerous,” he said. “If you had a ski slope that was knocking off people, they'd go out there and fix it. If you've got a slope for little kids, and moms, and they're getting injured over and over again, you fix it.”

“You go there to have fun with your child and you leave injured.  And still, they're not doing anything to address the situation,” McDougal says, “The three women who were injured on these slides that have filed suit are not the only people that have been injured.”

They're also suing the slide manufacturer, because they understand the slide was custom-built for the space inside Playdate PDX.

McDougal says the facility and the manufacturer simply tried to fit a slide that's too long into a space that's too small, making the slope of the slide too steep.

The owners did put a warning sign on the slide. McDougal says it's useless.

"They put up signs that almost mock the danger,” said McDougal. “They say slides can be fast.  Well, of course they can.  They can also be too fast, and that's when you need to fix it. If the slide is too steep and people get injured because they get airborne - once you're airborne you can't stop yourself. Nobody can put up a sign to tell you how to do that. And they know that's what's happening.”

What also upsets the plaintiffs, McDougal says, is that PlayDate PDX is owned by doctors.

McDougal says, “Physicians run this place.  Physicians are letting people get hurt over-and-over again.”

KATU reached out to the company on Thursday. A manager told us the best way to reach the owners was by email. We did not get a response Thursday night.

McDougal expects it will take about a year before that lawsuit finally goes to trial.

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