Lukus Glenn trial jurors grappled over details, notes reveal

Lukus Glenn trial jurors grappled over details, notes reveal

PORTLAND, Ore. – New documents obtained by KATU News reveal the mindset of the jurors as they sided with a local mother in the shooting death of her son.

Lukus Glenn was killed six years ago by Washington County Sheriff's deputies. A jury Thursday found those deputies in the wrong and awarded Lukus' mother, Hope, $2.5 million as part of its verdict.

The documents, handwritten notes from the seven-member jury, reveal the types of questions the jurors grappled with during the trial.

To better understand the testimony, jurors asked: "Was there a safety concern for the people in the house when firing live rounds towards the house? ... Is the live response tactical training done when an officer has been sleep deprived? ... Where is the location that the knife was recovered from at the scene?"

Lukus was armed with this knife during the confrontation.

Another juror wondered of a witness: "With all the safeguards that you described, why do you think so many of the details of this event were incorrectly presented in the administrative investigative report? In your experience are these type of inaccuricies (sic) commonplace?"

They are detailed inquiries from the four men and three women who set aside a portion of their summer to learn about the end of Lukus Glenn's life and decided it should not have happened that way.

The jury's decision was unanimous. The Washington County sheriff said Thursday he hadn't decided yet whether his department will appeal.