9-1-1 recordings reveal mistake during fatal shooting of teen

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Lukus Glenn.

TIGARD, Ore. - The family of Lukus Glenn goes to court this month in its lawsuit over his death. His own mother called police for help that night. saying her son was suicidal and threatening their family. Investigator Anna Canzano examines the recordings from that chaotic scene, and the heartbreaking mistake they reveal.

Lukus Glenn had conquered high school as a three-sport varsity athlete, but on the night of September 15, 2006, he was lost and distraught. A long-time relationship had recently ended, and though his friends were headed to college, he was not.

By three in the morning, Lukus had returned home, drunk, dropped off by a friend. His family wouldn't give him keys to a car, so he tried getting into a shed to get his dirt bike.

He then busts into the house through the front door, grabs this knife, and starts smashing car windows in the family's driveway.

That's when Hope Glenn calls 9-1-1.

Hope Glenn to 9-1-1: I need the cops to my house immediately. I have a son that's out of control, busting our windows and has a knife and threatening us.

Police radio traffic reveals officers are preparing for a non-lethal confrontation, despite a dispatcher's warning about Lukus' threats as they head to the scene. One officer asked whether anyone with a bean bag gun was responding. Another officer says he grabbed one.

9-1-1 dispatcher to officers: Just be advised, he said he was going to run at you with a knife.

Once the officers arrive, the situation intensifies.

Officer: Get on the ground now, get on the ground.

Hope: Put it down...put it down

Brad Glenn:  Put it down Luke.

Hope: I don't want to see you die.

Lukus (in background): You're going to see your son die.

Hope to 9-1-1: Don't let them shoot, please don't let them shoot him

9-1-1 dispatcher: Hope, Hope take the phone and move away from him okay.

Hope: I'm away from him, but he's going to kill him, they're going to shoot him.

Lukus (in background): You kill me, or I kill me.

Hope: He's saying he kills himself or they kill him, he just wants to die tonight.
Less than four minutes later, the 9-1-1 call captures the Lukus' final moments.

9-1-1 dispatcher: They don't want to hurt him, they're there trying to help.


Hope: They shot him...

(more shots)

Hope: They shot him, they killed him.

Officer to dispatcher: Shots fire, I've got one down.

An officer on scene communicates this back to the dispatcher.

Officer to 9-1-1 dispatcher: Be advised, four beanbag rounds, no effect. He still has the knife. Be advised...we've got a couple people in the house. He ran towards the door, he's on the ground, the knife is near him.

Which leads the dispatcher to comfort Hope with a mistaken relay of information, creating more confusion for the Glenn family about what's actually happened.
9-1-1 dispatcher to Hope: Listen, what they're doing is they shot him with bean bag rounds, okay?

Hope: No, he's all bloody...and the bullets all went through the house.

Dispatcher: Listen it's not going to kill him, they're beanbag rounds.

Hope: In the house?

Dispatcher: They're supposed to subdue him and knock him out.

Hope: They're all in the house. Are you sure it wasn't the bullets.

Dispatcher: Yeah, that's what they're telling me, they're telling me it was bean bag rounds. They're just trying to get him calmed down enough and they can get the knife away from him so they can take care of him.

Hope: But he's laying on the ground bloody.

That exchange -- that moment -- is a key point of contention in the family's lawsuit; why did that officer choose to communicate back that bean bag rounds were used, when he himself had just fired lethal rounds from his own service weapon? Was it an honest mistake? Confusion? Or was he trying to create a false narrative - that police tried to control Lukus Glenn with non-lethal force well before killing him with their bullets?

In the seconds that follow, it becomes clear, Hope's only son is dying.

Police to dispatcher: We might need to get medical here, he's probably had a couple shots to the back. We need medical code three, he took actual rounds. We've got shallow breathing, very shallow, slow breathing. Okay, he's not breathing anymore.

A devastating reality no court ruling can undo.      

Lukus' mother is suing the Washington county sheriff's office and its deputy. Trial is set to begin in three weeks. The officers involved have defended their actions - as being in line with their training - as actions taken to protect Lukus' family given the threat he posed by turning and heading toward the home.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Rob Bletko later determined the use of deadly force was justified. None of the parties being sued agreed to comment for this report.