Oregon tied for last in nation for young-adult health-insurance sign-ups

Oregon tied for last in nation for young-adult health-insurance sign-ups

PORTLAND, Ore. - New data provided by the federal government on Tuesday show that Cover Oregon's troubled website might be having a negative impact on its all-important risk pools.

The percentage of young adults signing up for insurance coverage via Oregon's troubled health-insurance exchange is nearly at the bottom when compared to sign-ups nationwide.

The website, which was expected to be the primary tool for sign-up - especially among younger enrollees - is still not available for the general public more than five months after it was scheduled to go live.
According to new statistics from the federal government released Tuesday, people age 18- to-34 now make up just 18 percent of the sign-ups for private insurance through Cover Oregon. Oregon ties with West Virginia as last in this age category.
Nationwide, this age group accounts for 25 percent of total enrollment.

KATU's On Your Side Investigators have exhaustively documented the problems that led to the website's problems, including poor management; failure to heed warnings from an independent quality-assessment firm and others; and the possibility federal officials were misled about the site's progress.
By far, the largest category of Cover Oregon enrollees are people aged 55 to 64, which accounted for 40 percent of sign-ups. This age group also leads in sign-ups nationally, accounting for 30 percent of total enrollment.
Young adults' premiums are needed to help defray the cost of caring for older generations.

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