Past the Tipping Point: A KATU Investigation into teen suicide

Past the Tipping Point: A KATU Investigation into teen suicide
Isabelle Sarkinen (left) and Anna Ishikawa

Below are the stories KATU News has aired about teen suicide. This page also contains links to nearly a dozen programs, projects and nonprofits dedicated to helping teens and parents deal with everything from bullying to depression to suicide.

Watch Anna Canzano’s original investigation on teen suicides in Battle Ground, Wash.

Two teen suicides influenced by social media
KATU On Your Side Investigator Anna Canzano has learned that disturbing messages and online postings on two popular websites – Facebook and Instagram – preceded the deaths of Anna Ishikawa on January 12th and Isabelle Sarkinen on December 5th.


Family left only with questions after Salem teen commits suicide
What's especially troubling about 16-year-old McKenzie Otjen's death is that there were no textbook warning signs.



Targeted by bullies, teen hangs himself in schoolyard
A 16-year-old girl in La Grande killed herself in October and now there’s a 15-year-old boy who is not expected to live after hanging himself.



Teaching parents to help prevent teen suicide
Schools around Oregon and Southwest Washington are making efforts to curb bullying on their campuses and prevent suicides.



Standing for respect: Students tell stories of bullying, suicide
Young students, some not even teenagers yet, stood before their peers Thursday at Gordon Russell Middle School and talked about bullying and suicide.



Teen's mistake leads to his final one
David Suetta was close to his family. He had friends, and he wasn't bullied. But he did make one mistake – the kind of mistake a lot of teenagers make – and sadly, he followed that up with another one that neither he nor his parents can undo.


Resources for youth:

  • Mind Your Mind: A non-profit dedicated to providing reliable information for youth dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicide. The site contains youth-specific resources, tips for coping with mental illness issues, and the personal stories of youth who have experienced and overcome these issues.
  • Reach Out: A website for youth, by youth, with information on how to help yourself or a friend who is thinking about suicide. Allows youth to share their stories about overcoming depression and suicide in an online, supportive environment.
  • We Can Help Us: A collection of videos made by real teens who have gone through a variety of different challenges and overcome them. Also allows other youth to share their own stories in a supportive environment.
  • The Trevor Project: A website dedicated to helping LGBTQ youth dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicide. Also operates a 24-hour crisis hotline, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR.
  • The Jed Foundation: A resource for college students containing information about depression and anxiety among college students, and information about how to get help at school.
  • An online resource that offers information about how to find and contact a therapist, and how to make sure your therapist is right for you. Also offers resources for connecting to a therapist online for 'e-therapy'.
  • Teen forum on suicide being held in Battle Ground

Resources for parents:

  • Association for Behavioral Cognitive Therapies: Offers information for parents about childhood mental health issues and advice on finding the best treatment for you and your family.
  • Lok-It-Up: A campaign to promote the safe storage of firearms. Offers advice on how to safely store firearms and prevent teen firearm suicide.
  • ASK Campaign: A website dedicated to gun safety. Information about firearm deaths and tips for preventing your children from gun violence.

Resources for Educators:

  • Evergreen Education Association: The Evergreen Education Association is holding a "Diversity and Social Justice Conference" in February with a session that will focus on suicide prevention.