Portland Public Schools pays consultant $15,000 a month

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Public Schools pays a consultant $15,000 a month in taxpayer money.

Yvonne Deckard used to work for the city of Portland, but the On Your Side Investigators discovered she's been on the PPS payroll since August 2012. She told KATU her extensive experience and work ethic is valuable to the district.

Deckard works on all six of the district's labor contracts -- including the one with the Portland Association of Teachers. Negotiations on that contract are at a standstill. The parties are not currently scheduled to sit down and negotiate with a mediator to bridge the gap. The teachers' union wants the district to hire 175 more teachers to keep class sizes from increasing.

Deckard claims her $15,000 monthly figure is much lower than the $300 per hour she normally charges clients because of the number of hours she works for the district.

The On Your Side Investigators plan to ask school superintendent Carole Smith why the district pays a consultant that much money.