Rain is coming but family faces roof rip-off

Rain is coming but family faces roof rip-off »Play Video
The roof on Holly Matheney's house is now mostly made of tarp after a contractor didn't finish the job.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Holly Matheney is at the mercy of forces she can't control.

"We don't have a roof, and it's gonna rain, and I have a 3-year-old," she says.

The shingles that used to be on top of the house she rents are piled alongside it. Her roof is now made of tarp.

Matheney's landlord hired Austin Mecham, who is a friend of the landlord's son.

The contract shows a cash down payment of $2,200 to Mecham Roofing. The problem is Mecham Roofing isn't a licensed contractor.

According to the landlord, when he got a hold of Mecham to ask if he was going to come back and finish the project, Mecham told him his work truck with all the shingles on it was stolen.

Now Matheney and her landlord say Mecham is nowhere to be found.

Mecham hasn't returned any calls from KATU News. But his stepmom says Mecham has a drug problem. And rehab didn't work.

She says she heard he may be headed to California, leaving Matheney, her landlord, and apparently others in the lurch.

"I need a house that's safe for my family and I don't have one," Matheney says.

Now she hopes it doesn't happen to anyone else.

The landlord is applying for a new credit card to pay a new contractor to do the job. The landlord did not check Austin Mecham's qualifications.

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