Stolen while serving: Soldier wants his Jeep and all his stuff back

Stolen while serving: Soldier wants his Jeep and all his stuff back

PORTLAND, Ore. – An Oregon soldier is hoping someone in Portland can help him find his stolen Jeep.

The 2009 Jeep Wrangler was special because inside was everything he owns in the world.

Not only did Lt. Joel Barrett lose his jeep and all his stuff, he can't even be here to help police track any of it down.

That's because he's stationed in Fort Lee Virginia.

Barrett parked the Jeep at a friend's house with everything he owned inside.

"I got a call from him Monday, saying that the Jeep had been stolen with 100 percent of my possessions that were in it," Barrett told KATU via cellphone.

His stuff was inside his Jeep, because he had nowhere else to put it.

"(It's) a huge drag to have to deal with while I'm over here in Virginia," he said. "I mean, I know Portland. I love Portland. I shared a Facebook status and 65 people that I've never even met re-shared it, asking other people to keep an eye out for my Jeep, so my faith in people in Portland is ah – can't really be quantified."

Because he wasn't coming back from Virginia until February, Barrett only kept liability insurance on the Jeep. If he can't get it back, he's out $20,000.

The police officer handling Barrett's case told him not to lose hope because his Jeep will turn up.

"He himself is a former Army retired sergeant and so he kind of could empathize with where I'm at," Barrett said. "Hopefully, he's correct and, God willing, I'm able to be reunited with my car and all my stuff when I get back to Portland.

"Any help that the people of Portland can give me in reclaiming – that would be much appreciated," he said.

Police have new technology that lets them constantly scan for Barrett's license plate, let alone his Jeep.

If you've seen that Jeep or that license plate, 030-EFH, Barrett would really appreciate it if you called police.