The top 5 property tax scofflaws in Multnomah County

The top 5 property tax scofflaws in Multnomah County »Play Video
KATU Reporter Chelsea Kopta stops by a Southeast Portland business in search of the owner of one of the properties.

PORTLAND, Ore. - When it comes to not paying property taxes in Multnomah County, it's perhaps not surprising that commercial businesses top the list.

The county does have a system set up to get the money back, but that can be difficult to do. They impose fees on property owners, but those fees can rack up when businesses don't pay and the county often has to wait until the building goes into foreclosure or is bought out by another business to collect the property taxes.

Here's a look at the five biggest delinquent bills on the books. Watch the video for Chelsea Kopta's full report.

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#1    Thunderbird Hotel

Owes $1,350,134

The hotel, located on Hayden Island Drive, burned to the ground last year in a suspicious fire. The owner has an office at his wife's company, the Mill End Store in Southeast Portland, but a woman at the desk told us he was out of state.

#2    Linnton Plywood

Owes $450,474

The mill, located on Northwest St. Helens Road, has been closed since 2001.

#3    Ross Island Sand & Gravel

Owes $254,051

The company is located on Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard. We went there, but the owner was out and never returned calls or emails.

#4    Howard Johnson Inn

Owes $245,346

The hotel is located in the 8200 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard. We reached the manager by phone and he confirmed that he is responsible for the bill, but has been affected by the bad economy. He said he is working on scheduling a payment plan with the county.

#5    Oregon Pacific Properties

Owes $188,278

The owners have an office in a building in Northeast Portland, but were nowhere to be found when we went looking for them.

Property tax delinquents by county: (pdfs)