Woman describes horrific Overlook neighborhood attack

Woman describes horrific Overlook neighborhood attack »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. – The women who was raped by a man while in the Overlook neighborhood described the traumatic experience to KATU News Thursday.

The woman, who KATU is not identifying, declined to do an on-camera interview because she was still too shaken up over the experience.

The woman said the attack happened in the Kaiser Permanente parking lot. She said she was raped while walking her dog. She said she made it a point to walk there because it is well lit and is patrolled by security.

Last Monday a man approached her and asked her how to get to Bus 44. She said he was friendly and had a smile on his face.

Police said that man was 18-year-old Alex Francisco-Sebastion. He was arrested for rape, robbery and other violent crimes this week.

The woman didn't know the bus information but said Francisco-Sebastion kept talking, telling her his name was Alex and said he'd just come from his girlfriend's house.

When the woman tried to leave, she said he stopped her, got behind her and choked her. She also said he covered her mouth to muffle her screams. Then she said he dragged her across the street, into some bushes and assaulted her.

After the attack, she said the man insisted she not tell anyone and then told her his name was Sergio and left.

Suspect's not a stranger to law enforcement

Francisco-Sebastion, who also faces charges in the robbery of a woman in the same neighborhood, has had other run-ins with the law.

According to court documents, he was arrested and charged just three months ago for domestic violence, assault and harassment.

The documents said Francisco-Sebastion came home drunk, and his father disapproved. The two fought.

According to the documents, Francisco-Sebastion then put his hands around his father’s neck.

Records in the Portland police data system showed that Francisco-Sebastion was connected to several crimes in June, including theft, stolen property and driving with a suspended license.

It’s not possible to know if he has had any other run-ins with law since he’s just 18. If he has had any prior arrests, they’d be sealed under juvenile records rules.