Woman fighting cancer gets thousands back from bank

Woman fighting cancer gets thousands back from bank

GRESHAM, Ore. - Holly Hicks is feeling better after she received back thousands of dollars from Citibank after they took the money because of a relative's financial problems.

Hicks, who is in treatment for lymphoma, added a family member to her bank account in February so they could help her handle her finances during treatment.

But when that person got into some financial difficulty, the bank pulled the funds from their family member's - and Holly's - bank account, just after she was diagnosed with cancer.

But after an extended conversation with KATU News, Citibank officials took another look at the situation and refunded Hicks over $5,500. They also refunded money taken from her relative's account, which was unexpected.

"As soon as I went to KATU, and got the proper help, who understood what was going on, then the ball rolled, but I know I wouldn't have gotten it otherwise," she said.

Hicks plans to use the money to help pay for her medical bills and physical therapy.

The bank that garnished the funds had no idea they should not take Hicks' funds. Citibank assisted in clearing up the problem.