Woman says seeing 'red flags' on dates tipped her off to danger

Woman says seeing 'red flags' on dates tipped her off to danger

PORTLAND, Ore. – A local woman considers herself fortunate that she isn't one of the women accusing a man of drugging, then raping or sexually abusing them.

Three different women say Marlin Pohlman of Portland gave them drinks that tasted funny. He's accused of raping one of them, sexually abusing another and assaulting a third.

Pohlman went before a judge Thursday.

The local woman, who doesn't want her identity revealed, said she went on two dates with Pohlman. After meeting him on the free dating website okcupid.com and going on two dinner dates, she said she noticed 'red flags.'

"It wasn't even so much what he was saying, he was very persistent," she said. "After I said no, and he asked again later on, and I was like, 'No, I'm not going to your house tonight.'" Then he said, "'What about tomorrow night?' I was like, 'No, I'm not coming to your house."

It was at Pohlman's home in North Portland, searched Thursday by police, that investigators found two dozen ecstasy pills and two tanks of nitrous.

It was at his home where a housekeeper said she got high inhaling nitrous with Pohlman and where she said he handed her a glass of water that tasted strange and bitter. Then her memory went fuzzy.

She can't remember if he had sex with her.

Pohlman mentions nitrous on his dating profile, saying he custom builds steam punk nitrous hookahs. Steam punk is a subgenre of science fiction, featuring steam-powered machinery.

Pohlman also claims to hold the patent for a time and gravity displacer – basically a time machine.

The local woman says, as someone who counsels others through rape, she feels awful for the women involved.

"He deserves to be punished for everything he did if he's guilty, and they deserve to get the help they need because that's not an easy thing to get over and (they) need support through that," she said.

Pohlman's bail is set at $2 million. A criminal defense attorney he hired said his client vigorously denies the charges.

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