Wounded war vet: 'All I ask is one thing in return - my companion'

Wounded war vet: 'All I ask is one thing in return - my companion' »Play Video

SALEM, Ore. - Lorenzo Solis has been through a lot serving his country.

He has shrapnel in his knee, for one.

All it would take would be like a little tack-sized - it'll rip right through you," he said."

Solis also has a stab wound in his back from the time an Iraqi child selling ice cream turned on him, plus memories of surviving that huge explosion..

“It actually hits you,” he said. “The explosion, dust comes first. You don't hear nothing. And then you feel the air and all of a sudden BOOM! Your eardrums blow out.”

One big help with his 90 percent veteran's disability after three tours in Iraq, in 2003, 2004 and 2009 has been his companion dog Bubba.

But Lorenzo has to move out of his Salem apartment by Sunday.

He hasn't been able to find a place that will take him, his dog and his pregnant fiancée, even though he has a doctor's letter prescribing him a companion dog to deal with Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lorenzo knows that refusal violates federal law.

“And I have to give him up just because all this is going on,” he said. "But yet there's laws set in place to protect me and my companion, but no one seems to follow them.”

A Portland pit bull rescue group, Diamond Cut Loyalty Canine Rescue and Pit Bull Rehabilitation, is trying to find a foster home for Bubba, posting a notice on their Facebook page.

They hope to find one before Lorenzo and his fiancée have to board a bus to move out of state and live with relatives at a place that has also refused to let him keep Bubba.

His dog's future is now this wounded war veteran's biggest worry.

“I didn't mind doing it and I'm proud of it,” he said. “All I ask is one thing in return - my companion.”

After KATU aired a story on the situation, the pit bull rescue group said a Portland family plans to meet with Solis and Bubba on Thursday to see if they can give the dog a temporary home.