Teen found tied up along road, was it extreme bullying?

 Teen found tied up along road, was it extreme bullying?

CLACKAMAS, Ore. - Clackamas County investigators are looking into what may be a disturbing case of bullying.

A teenage boy was found tied up along the side of the road at the intersection of Southeast 82nd and Sunnybrook.

Mi'Lane Cremeans said she and her husband were driving southbound on Southeast 82nd around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when they noticed the boy. They stopped to help and that's when they saw that his wrists were bound to his ankles.

"He was just very quietly asking for help and then I noticed he was tied up," she said. "I was upset," Cremeans added. "I'm still very upset."

Sheriff's deputies got to the scene quickly and Cremeans said she heard the boy, who was not seriously injured, telling them that he had a run-in with two other boys who had bullied him a week earlier.

"The only information I can give is the information I heard the boy telling the sheriff," she said. "Which is these two boys had beat him up before. That they kicked him in the ribs, that they beat him up, that they tied him up, that they threw him and left him down there."

"He could have been hurt even worse," she added. "If it had been raining, if (there were) any animals or any crazy, strange people had come by and caught him already tied up."

"I would say a simple classification, not an exact classification but a simple description of this, would be bullying to the extreme," said Sgt. Adam Phillips with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office told us they have identified everyone involved in what happened and are continuing their investigation. It's too soon to say if any charges will be filed. The sheriff's office declined to release any further information because the case involves juveniles.