Woman injured in deadly Vancouver crash dies in hospital

Woman injured in deadly Vancouver crash dies in hospital

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Two women died after a truck crash early Saturday morning in Vancouver, police said.

The single vehicle crash occurred near Southeast McGillivray Boulevard and Olympia Drive just before 2 a.m. Officers arrived to find a Ford F150 pickup wrapped around a tree and light pole.

Two women were inside the truck during the crash. Julie E. Deming, 32, died at the scene, according to police. Brittney K. Deter, 21, was taken to a hospital with a brain injury. She died Monday when her family decided to take her off life support.

Both women were Vancouver residents. The crash happened just a few blocks from where Deming lived.

Police said excessive speed and alcohol were factors in the crash.

Deming graduated from Westview High School and was a former star basketball player at the University of Montana. She led the Grizzlies to the NCAA Tournament one year.

Deter had just moved to Vancouver a few months ago from Ellensburg, Wash.

The families of both women visited the crash scene over the weekend, trying to make sense of the crash. They said they were told by police the truck was going about 70 mph before the crash in a 25 mph zone.

"I hope people, before they take that first drink, will look at the outcome of this," said Molly Deter, Brittney's mom. Because a mom's worst nightmare is to have a sheriff show up to your house and tell you your daughter has been in an accident and the odds are very slim of surviving."

Witnesses said they saw the truck speeding and peeling out of parking lots before the crash.