Letter: Mother of the late Jenee Hammel to sue TriMet

A photo from 26-year-old Jenee Hammel's Facebook page.
A photo from the late 26-year-old Jenee Hammel's Facebook page, one of five people hit April 24 by a TriMet bus while crossing at a downtown crosswalk.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The mother of one of the two women killed at a downtown crosswalk April 24 had plans to file suit, according to a newly uncovered letter drafted by her attorney to TriMet in July.

The letter names both TriMet and the driver of the bus that hit five while making an illegal left turn onto Broadway Boulevard. It asks for damaged for the "wrongful death" of Jenee Hammel, citing the "negligent conduct of the afore mentioned parties."

The driver, Sandy Day, was cleared of homicide charges in the case May 19. However, she was issued multiple traffic citations including multiple counts of careless driving resulting in death and injury and one count of "failure to stop and remain stopped" for pedestrians.

News of the potential law suit comes the same day as KATU reports on the closure of TriMet's Northwest Thurman Street stops. The closure is the result of a stop-by-stop study initiated by TriMet after the April 24 accident. That study found that the Gordon Street turnaround not only wasn't safe but also was illegal.

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