Couple found dead in home, son and his girlfriend arrested

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Cindy Lou Beck and Andrew Jondle

DALLAS, Ore. - Two people are in custody after a husband and wife were found dead in their home in what investigators say appears to have been a double homicide.

The couple's bodies were discovered Tuesday morning on their farm that they called the Abundant Life Farm. Officers were responding to a report of an unconscious person at their home in the 16000 block of Gilliam Road, which is about three miles south of Dallas.

The victims have been identified as 61-year-old David Scott Jondle and 58-year-old Marilyn Ruth Jondle.

Police say the couple’s youngest son, 20-year-old Andrew Jondle of Salem, beat them to death.

His father’s body was found in a garage and his mother’s in their house.

The couple's son and his girlfriend, 46-year-old Cindy Lou Beck of Salem, were later located in Salem and after questioning by authorities in Polk County, they were arrested.

Jondle faces aggravated murder charges. Bail has not yet been set. Beck faces a charge of hindering prosecution, with additional charges pending. Her bail was set at $5,000.

Investigators said they believe the killings are tied to a conflict between father and son.

“We got information from family and friends that there had been some relations strained between the father and the son,” said Polk County Sheriff Bob Wolfe. “That led us to the son who was located at his apartment in south Salem.”

David Powell lives two doors away from the apartment that was searched by police. He said he saw Andrew Jondle and Beck arrive home at 2 a.m. Tuesday.

“He sat right here (pointing to a chair outside an apartment unit) and he basically curled up a little bit and had a hoodie on and was shaking really bad,” Powell said.

The Polk County sheriff said it was during the questioning process that authorities decided to charge Andrew’s girlfriend with hindering prosecution. Both are expected to make their first court appearances on Wednesday.

David Jondle left behind work as a software engineer in California about ten years ago, giving up office work so he and his wife could live a simpler life running their farm.

They had customers in Salem, Beaverton and Portland.