Kyron search renews on Sauvie Island

Kyron search renews on Sauvie Island

PORTLAND, Ore. – The day after the mother of missing child Kyron Horman made a sudden and emotional plea for help to get the reward increased, searchers once again converged on an outer Northwest Portland island that has been a focal point of the search since the 7 year old's disappearance.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Lt. Mary Lindstrand confirms that search and rescue teams from eight Portland-area agencies are conducting a search on Sauvie Island for Kyron Horman, the now-8-year-old boy believed to have gone missing after being dropped off at Skyline Elementary School on June 4.

Lindstrand stressed this search “is not the result of any new leads but the sheriff’s desire to be thorough in their investigation.”

UPDATED: One-hundred-seventy search-and-rescue personnel participated in Saturday’s search, Lindstrand said. The island search continues through the weekend, with at least 110 searchers on Sunday.

Sunday's search breaks out like this: 85 searchers are combing the ground, 12 searchers are on horseback, five searchers are using dogs and at least eight searchers are on ATVs.

Nearly 12,000 acres of the island are undeveloped, serving as the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. The island is surrounded or dotted by water features, including Sturgeon Lake, Johnson Lake, Halderman Pond and Wagonwheel Hole. In June The Willamette Week newspaper, citing anonymous police sources, reported that cell phone records show Terri Horman was on the island June 4.

Outside help has arrived
After spending more than a million dollars looking for Kyron, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office called for outside help Sept. 15. Sheriff Dan Staton said Multnomah County detectives would make up 30 percent of the new search team and outside agencies would provide the rest. 

This Oct. 2 search follows a hastily organized press conference on Friday by Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, who wants donors to help raise the reward offered for her son’s safe return to at least $350,000. That's the amount Kyron's stepmother reportedly texted a friend saying she had paid to hire her criminal attorney. The reward stood at around $50,000 on Friday.

KATU Reporter Margy Lynch was the first reporter on the scene Saturday, covering what could be the largest search and rescue effort since the first search sweep for Kyron after his June 4 disappearance. Sauvie Island is about 15 miles north of Skyline School where Kyron attended second grade and is believed to have disappeared from a morning science fair. The road from Skyline School to Sauvie Island, Northwest Cornelius Pass Road, also has been the focus of renewed searches in this case. 

There has been no sign of Kyron for 17 weeks.

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