Some Oregon Voters' Pamphlets missing 60 pages

Some Oregon Voters' Pamphlets missing 60 pages »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - At least a handful of Eugene resident received faulty Oregon Voters' Pamphlets due to a human error, the state elections director confirmed Wednesday. | More Campaign 2010 News

The pamphlets are missing 60 pages, including statements from candidates for Lane County Commissioner and Eugene City Council, as well as explanations for state Measures 70 through part of 75.

The Secretary of State's Office began investigating the missing pages after KVAL News contacted them Wednesday morning.

Beth Hartlerode discovered the error when she began reading through the booklet this week. 

Hartlerode said she and her husband received pamphlets missing pages 33 through 92.  Instead, pages 1-32 and 93-123 were inserted twice.

The couple lives on Sheraton Drive in the Harlow Road area.

Two other neighbors told KVAL News they also received faulty pamphlets.

Steve Trout, State Elections Director, said his office traced the pamphlets to a batch sent to 564 homes in the area but believes only a few of the erroneous pamphlets were created and mailed to voters. 

He said the office had received fewer than five calls about the ballots.

Trout said the mistake occurred while ballots were assembled.

"Somebody grabbed from the wrong pile to feed one of those batches," he said.

 Trout said the vendor who assembled the programs stopped every hour for employees to check the pamphlet.

When asked why the quality control did not catch this mistake, Trout said, "We're still trying to figure out why that didn't happen but it also gives us confidence to know that this wasn't a widespread problem."    

The Elections Division is mailing correct pamphlets to voters who reported problems. 

If you need a new pamphlet, call (503) 986-1518.

It's also available online here.