Marine from Albany killed in Afghanistan

Marine from Albany killed in Afghanistan
Image source: Facebook

ALBANY, Ore. – An Oregon man has died while serving in the war in Afghanistan.

The Albany Democrat Herald newspaper reports that 21-year old Marine Joe Rodewald was killed Wednesday by a roadside bomb. The exact location has not been released.

Rodewald's mother delivered the news to Brent Belveal, principal at South Albany.

Molly Blancett from KVAL News spoke with Belveal, who said he had known Rodewald since 1999 and spoke with the young Marine before he deployed.

Belveal said he had coached Rodewald in football and wrestling and remembered the Marine as very competitive and full of school spirit, always leading chants and cheers. His class voted him most likely to return to work at South Albany High School.

They also voted him the Most Devoted Oregon Duck fan in their class.
Rodewald graduated from South Albany High School back in 2007.