Pastor facing rape charges now under fire for lavish homes

Pastor facing rape charges now under fire for lavish homes

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Portland pastor in court Friday facing numerous charges of sexual misconduct including rape is now under suspicion by former church members of taking money from the church.
People KATU News spoke to who said they were former members of the Casa del Padre church say the $1.4 million Ridgefield home where police arrested Sergio Alvarizares this week is not his only home.

They displayed real estate documents that showed three homes listed in the pastor's name and they say they wonder how he paid for them.

Marco Miranda, a former church member who previously said a woman told him Alvarizares sexually abused her, said "On Sunday they tell us 'hey guys, we get in $40,000 this week, and God that's good, blah, blah, blah.' But then next week he says 'I don’t have no more money, guys, we need to get more money!'"

A former assistant to Alvarizares said that the pastor never let anyone see the financial records of the church.

Alvarizares' supporters say the real estate records do not concern them and that "only God knows the truth."

Alvarizares only faced the sexual assault charges in court on Friday. No charges have been filed in relation to the real estate holdings or financial records of the church.