Bicyclist hurt in collision in downtown Portland

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PORTLAND, Ore. - A bicyclist collided with a pickup truck in downtown Portland on Wednesday, but the cyclist was not badly hurt and police cited him.

Police say the collision took place at Southwest 4th and Southwest Madison Street about 7 p.m. when 24-year-old Kyle Egertson was riding a bicycle westbound on Southwest Madison Street and tried to beat a red light. Madison Street is a one-way street going east.

He was hit by a pickup truck driven by 56-year-old Terry Pollard as he accelerated away from a stop. Police say Pollard was not impaired and was shaken up by the accident.

Egertson was taken to a hospital but police say he was not badly hurt. He was cited for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and failure to obey a traffic control device.  

The collision comes shortly after two other cyclists were killed in separate accidents in Portland.