Kaine Horman: 'I think he's still alive'

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Kaine Horman as he addresses reporters in front of Kyron's Wall of Hope Monday, Nov. 15, in rural Northwest Portland.

PORTLAND, Ore. – In a press conference Monday held in front of Kyron's relocated Wall of Hope, the father of missing Kyron Horman spoke out about his goal to keep his estranged wife away from the last child remaining at Kaine Horman's family home. 

He spoke bluntly Monday, and started to tear up at one point when a reporter asked what he would do if Kyron was not found alive. Kaine's response, says our photojournalist at the scene, was that he just does not want to think about that.

However, he remained adamant that his nearly 2-year-old daughter Kiara may have seen something "horrific" happen to Kyron on the day he disappeared. Kiara was with her mother, and Kyron's stepmother, Terri Horman on that day: June 4.

"Lay out the scenarios of everything that could have happened to him that day," said Kaine Monday. "Every scenario that has him alive still today ... look at any of those scenarios and have your child have to witness another child going through that right in front of their face; it's horrific, I don't care how you describe it. So yeah, I think he's alive ... I think it was an awful day; I sure hope she did not witness what happened that day but I'm pretty confident that she was there based upon what we know."

We have not yet received confirmation as to whether Terri had Kiara with her when she is believed to have gone into the science fair at Kryon's Skyline School shortly before Kyron is said to have vanished.

On Monday Kaine told reporters that 23-month-old Kiara does ask about Kyron, and recalled that Kyron would come sit on the bed next to her to read when he came home from school. Kaine also said Kiara does not ask about her mom, who called the toddler by the pet name Kitty. Earlier this month Terry withdrew her request to share parenting time with the child.

Meanwhile, Kaine continued pointing fingers at Terri in the saga that has become the couple's public divorce. He said that it was Terri, not himself, who sent away Terri's oldest child – a teenager named James – to live with his grandparents. Kaine defended his role by saying he was away on a business trip at the time, and provided James' departure as an example of children already leaving Terri's home before Kyron disappeared. 

Kaine also discussed further his recent allegations of Terri's alcoholism, saying that for a while it seemed as if his new wife had become a stranger and he did not know who she was. He said that once he decided that alcohol was to blame, a lot of stuff started to click into place.

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Video: United front crumbling?

Meanwhile, the united front Kaine and Kyron’s biological mother, Desiree Young, have held in public appeared to show cracks Monday.

During an NBC interview on the Today Show, Desiree took on Kaine and the choices she said he made that led up to Kyron’s disappearance.

“He had several opportunities to make the right choice, and either let me know, or remove Kyron from the house,” Desiree said. “I would have removed Kyron from the house had I of known what was going on.”

She also said investigators showed her e-mails Terri had sent to friends that indicated Terri hated Kyron.

“It’s very clear from Terri’s horrible words that she had a severe hatred for Kyron," Desiree said. "And that … she blamed a lot of the marital problems between Kaine and herself on Kyron. That was a huge point of contention in their marriage, and she had expressed in great detail her hatred for Kyron.”

Kaine would not confirm the e-mails but said, “It's very evident the relationship between them was strained, and the relationship was so strained that I saw it at least a few months out – and her and I were getting into arguments all the time about her relationships with the children in general.”

Desiree also revealed that she tried to get custody of Kyron a year before he vanished but Kaine wouldn’t allow it.

“Kyron on many occasions said he wanted to live with me,” she said.

Kaine said he only remembers one such request about 14 months ago after Kyron spent the summer with Desiree.

“There was an incident between Kyron and Terri that I believe kind of fueled the discussion at the time – where they had a disagreement when I was out on a business trip,” he said.

Kaine said until Kyron disappeared, he never thought Kyron and the other children were in any danger.

Retired sheriff’s Capt. Bruce McCain, who has been following the Horman case from the beginning, said he doesn’t think Kaine and Desiree will talk publicly together again.

He said Desiree’s point in her Today Show interview was that there were obvious signs that Kyron may have been in danger and Kaine should have picked up on them.

“So in hindsight she’s now blaming Kaine for not giving her custody when he knew that Kyron was potentially in harm's way and did nothing about it,” McCain said.

When asked if she saw Terri’s alleged alcohol use, Desiree said, “No” but when it came to signs she may have been emotionally disturbed she said, “But as far as a personality disorder I did for years. I was aware she had some issues with pathological lying – things of that nature. But just mostly from my interactions with her, I didn't see you know, as much as Kaine did.”

“So now Kaine is finding himself playing defense against allegations from Desiree that he is in part at least indirectly responsible for Kyron’s disappearance,” McCain said.

Kaine said he has not been hiding anything throughout this process and said the main goal is to bring Kyron home. He said he wants to remain a united front with Desiree in their efforts to find Kyron.

Kyron disappeared from Skyline School June 4. Investigators say Terri Horman was the last known adult to see him. Terri Horman has not been named a person or a suspect in the case and police have made no arrests.