Police captain suspended over plaque

Police captain suspended over plaque
Mark Kruger.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Portland police captain has been suspended for two weeks without pay for putting up a plaque at Rocky Butte that honors German soldiers in World War II.

The plaque, which was put up 11 years ago, has since been removed and Captain Mark Kruger has apologized. He also denied that he had any sympathy for the followers of Adolf Hitler.

Kruger came under fire when community activists and a lawyer accused the city of covering up what they said was evidence that Captain Mark Kruger honored Nazis at a local park.

Kruger contends he is nothing more than a military history buff who collects wartime memorabilia.

"I do not, nor have I ever, professed admiration for Nazism," Kruger said in an apology letter wrote to the police chief, his fellow officers, the City Council and the community. "To even think of such abhorrent behavior is repulsive to me."

In addition to being suspended, Kruger will also have to undergo additional training and participate in a mentorship program to be determined by the police chief and the mayor.

Statement From Police Chief Michael Reese

"Today, I met with Captain Mark Kruger and notified him of my decision regarding a misconduct
violation. This misconduct allegation stemmed from an incident 11 years ago when Captain
Kruger was off duty and erected a plaque on Rocky Butte honoring German soldiers. Mayor
Sam Adams and I decided that Captain Kruger will receive an 80-hour unpaid suspension for this
incident. Captain Kruger will also engage in intensive training under the “Tools for Tolerance”
or some similar training module. He will also fully participate in a mentorship arrangement for
6 months up to 2 years to be determined by myself and the Mayor."

"Captain Kruger has waived his right to further due process or arbitration and this matter is now
completed. Therefore, the Bureau is releasing the discipline letter regarding this matter as well
as a letter on behalf of Captain Kruger that he has asked us to disseminate."

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