Police: Game of Fugitive causing teen drivers to speed, crash

Police: Game of Fugitive causing teen drivers to speed, crash »Play Video
The crash that jolted Christy McCarthy off of her sofa is seen in this photo.
SAMMAMISH, Wash. -- The teen driver sped down the road, skid out of control and crashed into a tree and fence.

The wreck jolted Christy McCarthy off of her sofa.

"I thought something had blown up, but my husband knew instantly it was a car wreck," she said.

The crash sent a shower of shattered glass in every which direction. The car was totaled.

Police say the 16-year-old driver and her passenger were playing a popular and dangerous game called Fugitive, a modern-day version of Cops and Robbers.

To play the game, teens get a group of classmates together and divide the group into half. One half becomes cops and the other half becomes the fugitives.

Players chase each other through the woods, across lawns and now, according to police, down streets and highways at extreme speeds.

The father of the teen crashed into the fence said he'd never even heard of the game before the crash.

Issaquah High School student Mickey Koho says he knows several teenagers who play fugitive. They added their parents don't have a clue.

"A lot of people talk about it after they play," said Koho. "They're like, 'Oh, I'm playing Fugitive tonight. Do you want to join?'"

Police say they're cracking down on the game before the stakes get even higher.