City plans to clear the air of strong fragrances

City plans to clear the air of strong fragrances

PORTLAND, Ore. -  The Portland City Council is expected this week to begin frowning on people wearing too much perfume or cologne in city buildings.

The proposal is not an outright ban on perfume and cologne because there weren’t enough document complaints to do that. It also doesn’t include things like lotions that are scented.

Being fragrance free has already been the policy at the city’s 9-1-1 call center for years.

The concern is for employees who get sick because of strong smells.

Anna Kanwit, the city’s assistant human resources director, worked on rewriting the city’s office policies to target personal scented products like perfume, aftershave and deodorant and those who wear it.

“This is not a ban,” she said. “This is telling employees, ‘Please don’t use these products at work.’”

She said she doesn’t think the city is being like “Big Brother” and intruding into what people can and cannot do.

The City Council is expected to pass the new fragrance-free policy Wednesday.

The policy allows other employees a way to complain to a supervisor who will then deal with the issue.

There’s also a new policy for the other extreme: people with body odor. The same rules apply.