Fire update: Investigators to Utah, DHS involved

Fire update: Investigators to Utah, DHS involved »Play Video
Kimberly Hasty holds her one-year-old son, Wani, who survived an apartment fire two weeks ago in Oak Grove.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- KATU News has learned new information about the fire that killed two boys in Oak Grove two weeks ago.

Their mother, Kimberly Hasty, escaped the fire at the Fox Pointe Apartments along with her 1-year old toddler, Wani. On Your Side Investigator Anna Canzano has learned local investigators traveled late last week to Utah to interview the father of Hasty’s children and other members of her family.

Hasty also confirms to Canzano that a representative with the child protective services division of the Oregon Department of Human Services met with her this weekend, though she said she’s “not worried about that because she has nothing to hide.”

She added, “They’re going to do that. There was a fire. Two kids died.”

From a hospital bed last week, Hasty showed Canzano her injuries from the fire and her leap out of her second-story window that saved her life. The jump shattered her left heel and broke two bones in her right foot. She said the burn on the back of her right leg is healing.

The single mother believes she knows what caused the fire – rubber cushions from a couch she says was a couple of feet in front of a baseboard heater in the living room.

"They’re like a bomb waiting to go off, you know?” she said. “Something could have gotten between there you know … those baseboard heaters are not safe … they're not.”

Hasty has previously said her 6-year old son, Apollo, woke her up to alert her to the fire in their 3-bedroom unit at the Fox Point Apartments. She remembers him saying, “Mommy,” and waiting for her to “fix it.”

The single mother also told Canzano she tried but couldn't get out the front door of her apartment because it was dead bolted. She says she saw flames from the couch hit the ceiling, the living room fill with smoke and the kitchen window blown out. She says she ran out of the way of that, returning to bedroom where she’d been sleeping with her three kids, then closed the door.

It’s the bedroom in which her sons, Apollo and Ladu – who were just 6 and 4 years old -- would take their last breaths.

“Just having a rope ladder would have made all the difference in the world, but we got trapped in that one room immediately, the rope ladder would have to be with us,” Hasty said.

Fire investigators have not yet released their report on the fire.

Hasty also recently posted a video in remembrance to her two sons.