Police find ATM skimmer at credit union; suspect sought

Police find ATM skimmer at credit union; suspect sought

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Police in Vancouver are searching for a man who allegedly put a skimming device on an ATM at a local credit union.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. March 6, Vancouver Police responded to the Lacamas Credit Union at 19200 SE 31st St. after someone reported a suspicious device on on one of the ATMs, saying he believed there was some type of device located over the card slot of the ATM. Vancouver Police arrived and located a credit card skimming device attached to the ATM as well as a pinhole camera that was mounted just above the key pad.

According to police, it does not appear that any financial information was compromised at the ATM where the skimmer was found. However, police said, finding an ATM skimming machine at a bank is an important reminder for citizens to always report anything suspicious near a device that has a credit card slot (ATM or gas pump) and to protect your identity by checking bank and credit card statements regularly for any unauthorized activity.

The credit union ATM was also equipped with surveillance capability and an image of the suspect was captured. The suspect is a male white, 20-30 years of age wearing a newer Oregon Duck winged hoodie sweatshirt and baseball cap. The man was driving a light-colored import vehicle.

Anyone with information on the identity of the man is asked to call the Vancouver Police Department at 360-487-7540.