'Kyron's Law' would require cameras at schools

'Kyron's Law' would require cameras at schools »Play Video
Kyron Horman


PORTLAND, Ore. – Nine and a half months after Kyron Horman disappeared from a Portland elementary school there’s still no sign of where he is. But now his story might lead to safer schools in the future.
A new petition is circulating to pass a law that would require all public schools and school buses have security cameras. Cameras were installed at Kyron’s school, Skyline Elementary, after a private citizen covered the costs.
Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman, said the petition, known as “Kyron’s Law,” is a good idea. He isn’t formally connected with the effort, but hopes his son’s disappearance leaves to legislation that protects kids.
“I think there are definitely some things around some of the attendance policies, along with cameras and other stuff that would make the schools a little bit safer,” he said.
So far the petition only has around 1,125 digital signatures. The person behind the drive did not respond to requests for an interview and it’s not clear if a legislator would ever introduce it.
Despite that, Kyron’s case is staying in the headlines. Over the weekend, the FBI’s national press office tweeted a link to their missing person poster for Kyron.
“We’re confident that something’s going to give at some point,” Horman said. “The more we get the word out, the wider, the better.”
He said his family is working behind the scenes to keep pressure on investigators.
“Every day for me since the minute he went missing has been the same,” Horman said.