Gert Boyle details violent attack against her

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Gert Boyle

PORTLAND, Ore. – The attempted kidnapping and robbery of Columbia Sportswear Chairwoman Gert Boyle was violent and negatively altered her life, she said in a court document Friday.

Boyle, 87, said one of the suspects in the plot to kidnap and rob her at her West Linn home, shoved her against a wall, shouted at her, shoved a necktie in her mouth, grabbed her face, held a gun to the back of her neck and tied her hands behind her back with a rope.

Boyle said the man forced her upstairs at gunpoint to her bedroom “where he ordered me to take off my clothes.”

In the Initial Victim Impact Statement filed in Clackamas County court, Boyle said the attack stripped her of her “independence, my professional accessibility, my dignity, and my pride in control of my own destiny.”

Boyle said she wanted to dispel the myth that she’s “One Tough Mother” that her company’s advertising has built of her over the years.

“I am not a hero, I don’t feel like a hero, and I want to make it very clear to the Judge, the lawyers involved in this case, and the people of Oregon – I am not a hero. I am a victim,” she wrote in the statement.

Police say Nestor Gabriel Caballero tied up and robbed Boyle at gunpoint in her home last November. Caballero, Jose Arevalo and Ramon Midence were arrested and charged in the plot to kidnap and rob Boyle.

Arevalo pleaded guilty Monday to his involvement in the plot. In court documents Arevalo admitted he drove his van for “the purpose of kidnapping Boyle in exchange for $20,000.” Arevalo agreed to testify against the other two suspects.

Boyle was able to thwart the plot when she set off a panic alarm that alerted police to her residence. When an officer arrived Caballero fled out the backdoor and down a nearly vertical drop. He was arrested hours later and police said he had money and jewelry from Boyle's home in his pockets.

In her statement Boyle says she hasn’t returned to her West Linn home of nearly 24 years since that night except to get her belongings. She says she no longer feels safe living alone and has lost her freedom and independence which has defined her life.

Boyle said she has now limited her role at Columbia Sportswear and has almost stopped traveling and making public appearances.

Boyle’s attorney, Steven Ungar, filed the statement in preparation for court appearances next week for the two suspects in the robbery.

Gert Boyle Victim Impact Statement - court document.