Portland Police reveal new look for patrol cars

Portland Police reveal new look for patrol cars

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland Police Bureau took the wraps off their top-secret new color scheme for patrol cars on Friday and employed a bit of social networking marketing trickery to do it.

Just after noon, police issued a press release that included images of the patrol car, saying "the process of redesigning the look of patrol cars started earlier this year and dozens of designs were considered, including many submitted by Bureau members."

Included in the press release was a link to the Portland Police Facebook page. Navigating to the page, Facebook users had to "like" the Bureau to see the new design, a tactic commonly used by businesses (including KATU) for generating likes and linking users to a Facebook page.

The cars also features the Twitter handle for the bureau on the rear quarter panel.

The slogan, "Sworn to Protect. Dedicated to Serve," appears on the car doors along with a rose. The phrase was coined by a Portland Police officer in the mid-1980s and was previously on Portland Police cars in the mid-1980s and early 1990s.

The press release added that Chief Michael Reese said, "We wanted to present a modern image of today's police agency on the vehicle, but we also wanted to give a nod to our past.  Many officers have told me that they have always been proud to be a part of that sentiment and it clearly articulates our belief in how we want to serve the community."

The bureau said new design will start to appear as new cars enter the patrol fleet and within 5 years, all marked patrol cars will have the new design.