College grads get ready for bio-fueled bus tour

College grads get ready for bio-fueled bus tour »Play Video
The Self Express bus

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. - A group of recent Linfield College graduates are holding off on finding post-college jobs so they can spend their summer on a bus that runs on vegetable oil.

They’re promoting sustainability and using a converted 30-foot bus to make their point.

“We’ve been looking for a way to travel around our country and not use fossil fuels, and running a bus on used vegetable oil is our solution to that,” said Katie Kann, one of the people who will ride on the so-called “Self Express Bus.”

“We want to put these ideas into reality and really test them out and show people this is possible to live this way,” said David Kellner-Rode.

With college graduation barely in the rear-view mirror, the group thought the timing was perfect to hit the road.

“Life after college, what are you going to do with your life?” Kann said. “What I want to do this summer is do some good.”

Local companies pitched in to help make the bus a reality.

“We called up some local businesses that have been doing waste vegetable conversions and Enviofuel down in Corvallis offered to donate labor to our project,” Kellner-Rode said.

“We’re hoping to get solar panels mounted up,” said Lucas Cook. “That’s the last puzzle piece we have to figure out.”

The group hopes to hit the road by Monday. Their first stop will be Bend, Ore.

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