Family of foreclosed home returns, finds movers came early

Family of foreclosed home returns, finds movers came early

OREGON CITY, Ore. - A family came home from a recent camping trip to find that their foreclosed home had been emptied even though they had until this Friday to get out.

Years worth of memories for the family were piled on trucks and taken to the dump.

"My house is empty," said Myra Epping over the phone to a credit union representative who tried to direct her to the right person, "and there's nothing I could do about it because I was five hours away."

Epping moved to an apartment with her three daughters when Clackamas Community Federal Credit Union foreclosed on her home.

But she didn't have room for all her valuables. And while she was away camping this weekend, movers, who said the credit union hired them, took what she left behind.

"They keep the things that are valuable to them but the things most valuable to us are just going straight to the dump," said Maddie Garcia, one of Epping's daughters.

Neighbors and Epping's parents grabbed what they could, including a letter in Epping's mailbox saying she had until midnight Friday, Aug. 12 to leave.

When the movers saw the letter they stopped what they were doing and said they'd return Monday.

Only one man showed up Monday and said he felt bad about what happened and told Epping where to find at least some of her stuff.

An attorney for the credit union said she's aware of the Friday deadline and denied moving any items from the home. She said she'd look into it.

Epping and her girls just want answers and said either way, they'll get through this.

"Everything we have right here is what's important, and they can't take that away from us," Epping said.

She has an attorney who is working with the credit union to try and figure out why her items were taken.