Head coach on dashcam video: 'It won't make me reassess anything'

EUGENE, Ore. - Information obtained from dashboard camera video about what happened the night an Oregon State Police pulled over Oregon football star Cliff Harris and cited him for driving 118 mph isn't news to the Ducks, head coach Chip Kelly said Tuesday.

"It's not new information," he told reporters. "I knew this information when it happened, so it's not new information for us.

KVAL News asked Kelly specifically about Harris' comments caught on a state police dashboard camera.

"Who’s got the marijuana in the car?" the trooper asks, according to dashboard camera video from the incident.

"Just smoked it all," Harris replies.

"Just smoked it all?"


"I don’t know if I believe that."

"You can search the car, sir," Harris says. "We just smoked it all.”

"Is that what he said?" Kelly said. The coach said this doesn't concern him. "No, because I saw Cliff go through a sobriety test that the officer let him go on.

"It always concerns me when there's anything like that around our players," he added, "but I know Cliff was not charged with anything. I would prefer my players weren't anywhere. I would prefer my players were in bed at midnight."

The video also reveals that quarterback Darron Thomas was a passenger in the car. Thomas was also a passenger in the car with Jeremiah Masoli when Springfield police found marijuana in a car Masoli was driving. The citation eneded Masoli's career at Oregon.

And in 2008, Thomas was a passenger in a speeding car driven by another Duck that crashed in the Gateway area of Springfield.

"I'm not punishing someone for being a passenger," Kelly said in response to a reporter's question about whether Thomas had been disciplined for any of the incidents.

"I know exactly where Darron was" in June, when Harris was cited, Kelly said. "He needed a ride back from Portland because he was going to ESPN that day. I know exactly what the situation was. I'm not concerned Darron Thomas whatsoever.

"It won't make me reassess anything," Kelly added. "This situation was known to us. I've known all the information you found out today."