Phone scammers target Wells Fargo customers

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Attention Wells Fargo customers: scammers are out to get you.

A bank spokesman said scam artists have recently targeted Wells Fargo customers in Oregon with a phone call tactic known as “phishing.”

“We have been informed by a number of our customers in the last two days that they have received automated calls asking them for personal identification information,” said Tom Unger with Wells Fargo. “These calls are fraudulent and customers should ignore them.”

During a phishing scam, criminals try to gather sensitive information by posing as a legitimate bank employee.

Unger said scam artists randomly call people and usually target customers at big banks to increase their likelihood of reaching an actual customer.

Linda Womack received one of the phone calls.

"Something immediately made me think something was off," she said.

She said the phone call was to alert her that her credit card had been locked. The caller said she should press "one" to unlock it.

"When I did it was a different voice, like a computer voice, really badly done, asking me to enter my credit card number," Womack said. She hung up immediately after that.

Unger advised that if you are suspicious about a call, you should always ask the caller to verify the request they are making. The same goes for emails, letters and text messages.

“They should use a legitimate source to confirm the request by calling the number listed on their bank’s website, billing statement or on the back of their debit or credit card,” Unger said.

He said people should never share their mother’s maiden name, Social Security number, account user names or passwords.

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