Elderly viral video stars enjoying their new-found fame

Elderly viral video stars enjoying their new-found fame »Play Video

McMINNVILLE, Ore. -- Just a few days ago, Bruce and Esther Huffman were just going along in their daily lives.

Now the couple -- famous for their viral video of them attempting to learn how to work a webcam -- are national darlings. Major media outlets throughout the country are clamoring for a few minutes of their time.

KATU reporter Meghan Kalkstein was the first to talk to the Huffmans on Sept. 13. The Huffmans had no idea that the original KATU story would launch them into being viral celebrities.

"I've never had such an exciting day in my life," Esther said.

The story started when Mindy, the couple's granddaughter, posted the video on YouTube. She said it was actually Esther's idea.

"I have to say I thought it was just going to be funny because it's my grandparents so it's funny to me," Mindy said.

Now the couple is jumping from Skype interviews with stations across the country to local radio stations, showing off what made them famous. For not even originally being able to operate a camera, they're getting a technology tutorial.

So for now, the two are just enjoying the moment.

"It's fun being famous, but I'd rather be rich than famous, wouldn't you?" said Esther.

"Oh yeah, rich and famous," said Bruce. "No, no. You'd give it away, anyhow."

I know it, but that's the good thing about it," said Esther.

And, who knows? With calls even coming in from Hollywood, this might not be the last you see of the Huffmans.

"Who knows? We might get the Esther and Bruce Show," said Bruce.

The Huffmans have 1.3 million hits so far on YouTube. They said they were impressed back when it was at 40,000 yesterday.