Bosworth family expands search

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PORTLAND, Ore. – The family of missing Cycle Oregon volunteer Mark Bosworth thinks he may have tried to come home to Portland. At the same time, they worry he may think it’s ten years ago and could be heading to one of several places from his past.

Bosworth was last seen on Friday, Sept. 16, in downtown Riddle, Ore. during the final stop of the week-long event.

Bosworth, who works for Metro, has battled cancer in the past and appeared confused the night he disappeared.

Bosworth’s daughter Kelly told KATU News Monday that her father was repeating himself and had bad headaches.

Doctors said the symptoms he showed days before he disappeared can mean he has an abnormality in his brain and could indicate a new cancer. While he was a Cycle Oregon, Bosworth told his wife Julie he was in Canada when he wasn’t.

He also fell asleep in a stranger’s car.

Bosworth’s wife Julie was also diagnosed with cancer during her husband’s second bout with the disease.

“We were able to support each other,” said Julie Bosworth. “We are a tough bunch of folks, so that is one reason why he is toughin’ it out there.”

Bosworth’s family said he may think it’s 10 or 20 years ago. Given his confusion, here are some of the places Bosworth may be trying to reach:

•    New York City – he lived there for ten years.
•    Minnesota and Iowa – his daughters went to college in both states.
•    Chicago; Santa Cruz, Calif.; North Carolina, Missouri and Florida – he has family ties.

People in New York, Chicago and Minnesota are helping the Bosworth family by handing out fliers.

“It won’t be one of us who finds Mark,” said Julie Bosworth. “It will be a stranger who has seen the flier or news coverage, who recognizes Mark.”