Hunters warned to be wary if they find a pot grow

Hunters warned to be wary if they find a pot grow

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- As the deer hunters head out to find that big buck this weekend, Douglas Interagency Narcotics Officers have a warning for you: Be aware of stumbling across marijuana grows in the wilderness.

Curt Strickland, the commander of the DINT team, says the grows have been down this year, but there's still a chance you could run across one when you're out in the woods chasing deer.

"We'd ask all the hunters to be especially aware of any indicators of marijuana grows," said Strickland. "Some of those indicators would be signs of cultivation in the woods, and that would be black plastic pipe, it could be tarps, tents, garbage, cut down trees and of course, marijuana plants."

Strickland says if you do run into a grow, get out of the area quickly and quietly, and report it to the police as soon as possible. "If they have their GPS with them, that's always the best for us, but otherwise if they can figure out what drainage and have it marked some way for us, that would be wonderful," he said.

Strickland says there are rewards offered by the Oregon Sheriff's Association available for people who report the grows.

He says above all, avoid a confrontation because the growers are very protective of their crops, and many are camped at the site and have guns or other weapons.