What people are saying about 'Occupy Portland'

What people are saying about 'Occupy Portland'
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Read more about the Occupy Portland event here. The event starts at noon and the march through town is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

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Unedited content of viewer emails sent to KATU News via viewersvoice@katu.com:

I wonder how many working people, certainly teachers, union, etc. retirement funds have or are going to come from stock market investment plans. The stock market has made a lot money for many workers, teachers, unions, etc. over the years.  The stock market is not all bad or evil as some would say. -- Kathleen

I'm an employed waiter that has a masters degree in publishing and writing. I'm glad to have a job to pay the bills but am frustrated that I have so far been unable to use my degree. I went to the protest because it's time for all Americans to come together to change a broken economic system!  --Brent

This is the time for everybody to say, "I'm mad as hell and am not going to take it any more!". We, the 99% of the population have seen our manufacturing base shipped over seas for corporate greed. We have seen the brokerage houses dupe the public and break the back of greedy banks. We have seen the Republican party say how the rich are are paying too much tax and that we have not screwed the environment with green house gases, all for profits. We have seen the 1% say that Social Security, unemployment, pell grants are too high. We must stop this insanity! -- Roger

When CEO's in the USA make about 15 times the amount of CEO's from the next highest paid country, the protest of the economic discrepancy for middle-class Americans is unacceptable. Our system is broken and needs to be corrected at the foundation of it's structure. We have a true aristocracy that is elevating their goals by crushing the dreams of American families. - Mark Sundstrom

It’s about time.  Our neediest citizens are loosing benefits, while oil companies are making huge profits and paying few taxes.  Banks bail out, but I get less than 1% interest on my savings.  I protest American Greed.. I’m with you brothers and sisters.. too bad I have to work today. - Mary Jane Loehrke

I hope that Occupy Portland is given a fair chance to peacefully request a chance for more jobs that pay a living wage.  I hope that police are not so quick to make arrests that we fail to discover what changes the group will request.  I hope that they send a clear message to our government that we need congress to get busy and work together so that the jobs bill is quickly passed!  This will not solve all of our problems with job creation. Our congress needs to work beyond the jobs bill to continue bringing real jobs to our economy.  The time for this NOW!  Call your representatives in congress every day until they wake up and do this. Each representative can start now!!!  Make your representative responsible to you to do this NOW!!! - Jerry Fevec

The current Wall Street model is totally wrong buying out companies then recovering the money spent by selling divisions in a street junk sale or by raiding the pension plan.  Also with all the street diversities such as inverse fund is bankrupting America.  Wall Street and the banks need to realize that they are only as good as they help they give to USA companies that make that provide jobs to the people.  The only fix  I can see is total melt down of the American economy, and that melt down on global bases is too big to fail, or stop.  - Thomas Krebs

I do not understand these folks they thing that just because people have money that they are evil and if the wealthy lose all or part of their wealth then all well be good.
Well now lets see I think the Russians tried this one didn't they and it worked so well for them didn't it, and during this time in Russia as I remember it they had a wealthy ruling class who pretended to be the same as everyone else but we all know different do we not. So what makes these people think it will work here any better. All you have to do is open your eyes and look around through out history you have the haves and have not's but only here in the United States do you as a have not have the ability to work and maybe if you work hard you have a chance to be a have. But if they have their way this chance will go away because what's the use why work they are going to give me theirs and those who have will say why put forth the effort their just going to take it from me. - Fred O.

I haven't heard one protester yet explain what exactly they are protesting.  I have only heard hat they want to bring down Wall Street  and force economic fairness for the poor.   If they want to bring down Wall Street they will also destroy millions of the middle class retirement investments.  Wall Street is Main Street. - Melanie Wochnick

The protests that are plaguing the cities of our nation are being promoted by nothing more than people who feel they are entitled to something they "deserve". Not once has the word "earned" been mentioned in any of the speeches or manifestos spouted from the whining mouths of the neo-socialists. The last time I woke up I had the same chance to make money as my neighbor, unless they were a union thug who holds the knife to the throat of their hostage, sorry employer. I have no high school diploma, I never went to college but I worked hard and continue to work hard, I have full health coverage I have a mortgage and a car payment, I take care of my ailing senior father, two children and my unemployed housewife. I "earn" my way through life by hard work not through entitlements or blaming someone else who makes more. - Bill O.

It is gratifying to see our democracy in action.  This is how are system is suppose to work. - C McGrew

 This is a good Idea as it is clear that OUR Government has lost sit of the people. Sit ins and protests have been around since time began. We continue to see Congress stall on bills for economic reasons. Congress cries that we need to cut Social Security, Medicare, Education, Safety , and the Military.  We never hear that Congress is going to cut the Foreign Aid Budget. The real question is Why do we buy arms supply money to other countries so they can turn around and kill our people. Cut the  Foreign Aid Budget and use the money to make America Great. We use to be the leader now we at a follower. I support the sit ins, protests, it is truly an expression of our rights. - Kenneth Fowler

This movement has grown nation-wide for a reason. When so many people recognize the injustices in the present economic situation and are compelled to respond by leaving the comfort and security of their homes or jobs, it speaks volumes. Those who are discounting this protest simply because they themselves have managed to make a living in this economy are missing the point. Just because you've managed to not be effected (to your knowledge) by corporate greed, doesn't mean that nobody else has. This protest is about the millions of Americans who've been left by the wayside, cast off because they're slowing down the progress of a few greedy individuals. You have to look beyond your own life in order to understand the plight of those around you, and if you choose to ignore it, then you'll never be in a position to understand your fellow American. Wall Street has depended on the ignorance of the average citizen to prop itself up, and then has the gall to ask these same citizens to bail them out when their business model fails. Everyone should be outraged. - Eric Otterman

I am leaving work early today and heading down to Occupy Portland, I think we need to start by getting the money out of politics and pass an amendment to our constitution which would overturn Citizens United. - Jaimee Mackinnon

Whether I agree, or not, to this cause to some degree, we folks who have to work to survive don’t get to come downtown and join in. It would be interesting to know the actual percentage of employed people involved today. - Joy Wolfe

Way back long ago in 1960’s we were also called dirty hippies, and guess what we were not dirty.  You go down there in Portland:  here is a good moto
- Bobbie Mohler

Corporations serve one purpose only, to make a profit. They do not care about your rights, they do not care about your well being. That is the job of the elected government. But the only elected government we have to choose from is bought and paid for by corporations. If corporations are able to write all the laws, guess who it going to be in favor of. The people? I think not. Banking, Agraculture, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Insurance. The laws are all on their side. Not the people's.
 No one is asking for a hand out. We want a real voice in our government for the people, not corporations. This system of a corruption and greed must end.  - Jona Adams

These people need to find a job and quick living off the government.  The government needs to downsize drastically and keep us free.....too much government as it is. - Gail Abbot

These people protesting protest capitalism, they protest people with a lot of money, they say there is a problem. Yes there is a problem but it is not what the protesters are saying it is, the problem is the Feds printing money, government spending, wars, and the socialist type policy's that have been being applied to this country for decades. Most of these people probably have voted for the very people who are causing the destruction of America so in a sense they are aiding in killing America and the American dream. They protest the solution and advocate the very problems plaguing these country. – Leon O.