Police find body inside Jeep connected to two murder cases

Police find body inside Jeep connected to two murder cases
These booking photos released by the Oregon State Police, on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011, show David Joseph Pedersen and Holly Grigsby. (AP Photo/Yuma County, California Sheriff's Office)

LINN COUNTY, Ore. – Investigators found the body of an unidentified adult male inside a Jeep Patriot they discovered Friday in Linn County, police said. Authorities had been searching for the Jeep in connection with two murders; one murder was in Oregon and the other was in Washington.

The Jeep was found in Linn County near the Yellowbottom camp ground north of Green Peter Lake. Police said it was hidden from the road.

Police said the body will be taken to the medical examiner to determine the identity and the cause of death. The autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

The Jeep belonged to David Jones Pedersen of Everett, Wash. He is still missing.

His wife, Leslie Pedersen, was found dead in September with her hands duct-taped and her head wrapped in a bloody pillow.

David Joseph Pedersen, the son of David Jones Pedersen, was arrested for Leslie Pedersen’s murder. Leslie is the suspect’s step-mother.

The suspect’s girlfriend, Holly Grigsby, was also arrested with David.

Grigsby and Pederson have not been charged in relation to the body discovered inside the Jeep.

The pair is suspected in the slaying of Oregon teenager Cody Myers. He was found dead on Tuesday in an Oregon forest with a gunshot wound to his head and chest.

A day later, a California Highway Patrol officer arrested Pedersen, 31, and Grigsby, 24, north of Sacramento.

The pair was linked to the teen's death after Grigsby was seen Sunday on a convenience store surveillance camera using a stolen credit card, authorities said.

Pedersen and Grigsby both appeared in a California court on Friday where their bail was set at $1 million each. They are scheduled to be back in court next week.

The younger Pedersen and Grigsby have criminal histories and white supremacist leanings. Pedersen was in prison for a total of 13 years between the ages of 16 and 31 and was first incarcerated in Oregon in 1997 on a robbery conviction.

Less than a month after his release in 2003, he was arrested on charges that include assaulting a police officer. He served time for sending a letter threatening to kill a federal judge. He was released from prison in May.

Grigsby is married to Dannel Larson of Portland, Ore., who said his wife is gullible and was manipulated by Pedersen.

"That man took her on a road straight to hell," Larson told The Associated Press.

Grigsby began serving time beginning in 2006 on charges that include identity theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle. Her father, Fred Grigsby of Portland, said his daughter has battled drug addiction and sought treatment.