Crime spree suspect admits to killing father, 3 others

Crime spree suspect admits to killing father, 3 others

MARYSVILLE, Calif. — A man suspected with his girlfriend in four deaths across the Northwest said he killed his father because he molested his older sister when she was younger.

David Joseph Pedersen told The Appeal Democrat newspaper that he killed David Jones Pedersen because it was "his responsibility to make sure it didn't happen again."

David Joseph Pedersen says he takes "full responsibility" for the three crimes reported in the media and for a fourth previously unreported death from California.

Police from several agencies in Oregon, Washington and California have been working nearly “around the clock” on the four cases, investigators said on Monday.

David Jospeh Pedersen and his girlfriend, Holly Grigsby, are suspects in all four murders, including the deaths of David Jones Pedersen, Leslie Pedersen, Cody Myers and the latest victim, Reginald Alan Clark.

The reason for the killings has been unclear. Pedersen, though, shed some light on that during a jailhouse interview with reporter Ashley Gebb of the Appeal-Democrat in Yuba County, Calif. Pedersen, however, did not want to talk about Myers.

However, according to a Snohomish County probable cause affidavit, Holly Grigsby, Pedersen's girlfriend, confirmed that Myers was killed because his last name made them think he was Jewish. Grigsby also reportedly commented that when arrested, the couple were on their way to "kill more Jews."

Investigators said Myers was shot in the head and chest before his body was dumped. After their duo's arrest, police said Grigsby gave a five-hour videotaped statement. They also said she admitted to stabbing Pedersen's step-mother, Leslie, in her Everett, Wash., home.

Pedersen only talked to Gebb, who said Pedersen was, "calm, collected, spoke intelligently and matter-of-factly."

Gebb said he called her with a confession he wanted to make in person.

"He said he killed his dad because his dad was a child molester and had molested his older sister when they were little kids," Gebb said. "He made a few references to his step-mom that she knew that his dad had been a child molester and continued to support him."

Investigator said Pedersen's father was shot in the head while driving. His body was later found in his jeep. Gebb said Pedersen was clear about why he wanted to tell his story.

"He imagined people in Everett were talking about what a nice man his father was and mourning him and he wanted them to know the real story," she said.

Everett police said they have not looked into the molestation accusations, but plan to do that. Gebb said Pedersen continually repeated that he took full responsibility for the crimes, but according to the affidavit, a note was found when the two were booked into jail. In that note, Pedersen told Grigsby he would take the blame for everything.

KATU also uncovered video of Pedersen fighting in a mixed martial arts competition at the Roseland Theater three months ago. KATU reported earlier Pedersen, who had another fight coming up, was trained in MMA.

Below are details of what police have learned in each case, including several new revelations.

David Jones Pedersen

David Jones Pedersen, who is the father of David Joseph Pedersen, was reported missing after his wife was found dead on Sept. 28 at their home in Everett, Wash.

Investigators from Everett said Holly Grigsby admitted that she and David Joseph Pedersen, who goes by Joey, had plotted to kill his dad because he allegedly molested Joey’s sister and cousin. The father goes by the nickname Red.

Investigators have not been able to prove the alleged molestation actually happened.

According to Everett Police, Grigsby said she and Joey Pedersen carried out their plan to kill Red as he drove them to the Everett Transit Station to catch a bus. Investigators said Joey Pedersen sat behind his father and shot him from behind. Grigsby grabbed the wheel and brought the vehicle to a stop.

Last Friday, police found Red Pedersen’s body in his Jeep Patriot near the Yellowbottom camp ground north of Green Peter Lake in Linn County. Police said the SUV was hidden from the road.

A medical examiner said Red Pedersen died from being shot in the head.

Leslie Pedersen

Leslie Pedersen was found dead in September in Everett, Wash. with her hands duct-taped and her head wrapped in a bloody pillow.

According to Everett Police investigators, the suspects said they returned home after killing Red Pedersen to find Leslie. Grigsby told police they killed her because she knew about the molestation and didn’t do anything about it.

Grigsby reported she killed Leslie Pedersen using two knifes, police said.

After killing Leslie Pedersen, police said Grigsby and Joey Pedersen fled to Oregon in the Jeep with Red Pedersen’s body inside.

Cody Myers

Oregon State Police investigators said Grigsby and Joey Pedersen met Cody Myers in Newport, Ore. sometime on the weekend of October 1-2.

Myers was found dead on October 5 in the Mary’s Peak area near Corvallis, Ore. He had been shot in the head and chest.

OSP spokesman Lt. Gregg Hastings said Meyers, 19, went to Newport that weekend for a jazz festival. At some point during the weekend, he met one or both of the suspects.

Witnesses later reported seeing both suspects in Myers’ car, a white 1999 Plymouth Breeze, in several places in the mid-Willamette Valley.

Hastings said Myers was killed in the Pioneer Mountain area of Linn County, east of Toldeo. His body was then dumped in the woods near Corvallis.

Police are asking for help from anyone who may have seen Myers, Grigsby, Pedersen, Myers' white Plymoth Breeze or the black Jeep Patriot. If you saw any of those things, you can call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office tip line at (541) 265-0669.

Police are also asking for anyone who took photos or video at the Newport Performing Arts Center or at Don Davis Park during the day on Saturday, October 1 to call the same tip line.

Reginald Alan Clark

Pedersen also mentioned a fourth murder in his interview with the Appeal-Democrat newspaper. Police in Eureka, Calif. said that victim is 53-year-old Reginald Alan Clark of Eureka.

Clark's body was found in a car on Friday. He had been shot in the head.

Pedersen and his girlfriend, Holly Grigsby, are suspects in that murder as well, police in Eureka said.

Grigsby and Pederson were arrested last week along a California highway north of Sacramento. Their bail was set at $1 million each last week. They are scheduled to appear in California court again this week.