MMA fighters 'shocked' by Pedersen's admitted killings

MMA fighters 'shocked' by Pedersen's admitted killings »Play Video
David "Joey" Pedersen entering the ring for a mixed martial arts fight in July.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Friends of David “Joey” Pedersen in mixed martial arts circles said he seemed like a good person, and they never would have seen his alleged killing spree coming.

Pedersen fought Scott Baker in July at the “Rumble in the Roseland 58”, and lost. Baker’s brother Sean Baker told KATU News he and his brother were intimidated by Pedersen.

The pair had heard about his extensive criminal history and jail time, and seen his many tattoos.

Sean Baker said Pedersen only started his mixed martial arts training days before that July fight.

“He was training a day before he got asked to take the fight and he said ‘yes,’” said Baker.

Pedersen’s trainer had a troubled past as well, but mixed martial arts changed him, according to Baker. So that trainer took Pedersen under his wing, and it seemed to be helping.

“He figured he’d do the same thing for Dave and he was on the right path and then I heard about this and that’s just insane,” said Baker.

Baker said Pedersen seemed like a good person and showed good sportsmanship to his brother in defeat.

“Shook his hand and said good job, I was really impressed.”

That makes Pedersen’s admitted killings all the more shocking for Baker.

“The person I met was not like that.”