Democrats vying for Wu's seat don't differ on much, if anything

Democrats vying for Wu's seat don't differ on much, if anything

PORTLAND, Ore. - Ballots will go out in a week to voters in Oregon's First Congressional District and the big question will be who will replace former Congressman David Wu.

On the Democratic side there are three leading candidates with elected experience who are remarkably similar in their beliefs.

Unlike the Republican primary, where candidates are calling one of their own not conservative enough, the three leading Democrats echo each other on most of the big issues, including the biggest one - fixing the economy. In fact all three identified the top problem in the district as jobs and the economy.

Suzanne Bonamici - "Jobs and the economy, that's what people are saying."

Brad Witt - "Right now the top problem is a lack of good paying jobs."

Brad Avakian - "We've got to get people back to work." "Specifically, those kinds of construction jobs that get money into the economy quickly."

When asked to explain the best solution to getting people working, their answers were almost identical.

Brad Witt - "That creation needs to be an investment in critical infrastructure across the country."

Brad Avakian - "We've got infrastructure projects, we've got bridges that need to be repaired, roads that need to be repaired."

Suzanne Bonamici - "Rebuilding our roads, our bridges, our water systems, our electrical grids."

They even agree on how to pay for most of it.

Brad Avakian - "Let's end the overseas wars, let's redirect the billions of dollars that we're spending there." "Let's end the Bush tax cuts."

Suzanne Bonamici - "We need to get rid of the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest."

And they all say they understand the frustrations of Occupy Portland protesters.

Suzanne Bonamici - "I went down to see the people who were there."

"Brad Witt - "I went down there last Friday night."

Brad Avakian - "I was down there on the first day of Occupy Portland."

With so much in common, it's only fitting they've agreed not to attack each other.

"I'm not here to say anything bad about them," said Bonamici. "I'm here to talk about who I am and what my values are."

"Certainly no one wants to engage in a brutal battle in a primary," said Witt.

Now in all fairness the candidates do have different backgrounds and emphasize their priorities in different ways. You can watch our full-length interviews with each candidate below to get an idea of their stance:

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