Tigard cheerleading team missing $33,000

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TIGARD, Ore. – The Tigard-Tualatin School District is missing $33,000 in funds for the Tigard High School cheerleading team.

Now parents who said they paid their money want answers, as the district investigates where the money went.

Former Tigard cheerleaders who spoke with KATU News said they were surprised when the district asked them for proof of payment.

“I fundraised a couple hundred dollars, I got first place for certain fundraisers that we did, and it comes up that I only fundraised a hundred dollars,” said former Tigard cheerleader Ashley Schroeder.

Students were allowed to fundraise to pay for dues and cheer expenses. Schroeder said it helped her put herself through the cheer program. She said she only got credit for half of what she collected, meaning she had to pay out of pocket.

“That was really frustrating because for me having to pay with my own money that just means I have to work double as hard,” Schroeder said.

The district told KATU News it’s trying to account for $33,000 over two years, and the man who coached the squad during that time, David Long, resigned two weeks ago.

Long refused to be interviewed on camera, but told KATU News Reporter Valerie Hurst he turned in every check he collected from team member fundraising efforts, and they were all made out to the district.

The district says it looks like a case of poor book-keeping, but they’re trying to pinpoint exactly where the mistakes were made.

The district says any problems with the missing money will not interfere with the students’ ability to graduate.