Occupy Portland incorporates; dispute erupts over website control

Occupy Portland incorporates; dispute erupts over website control

PORTLAND, Ore. - Occupy Portland, the protest born out of outrage against corporate power, is now a corporation.

Members of the group filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state's office, registering Occupy Portland as a nonprofit with the state of Oregon, calling it Occupy Portland Inc.

Depending on who is asked, it was something members of the group's finance committee did but it was not something the occupiers in general wanted.

The idea is to track the donations and expenses. It has been an issue brewing for weeks. With donations coming in there was a need for the group to track how those funds were being spent.

But there were problems already.

At some point Wednesday, there was reportedly between $10,000 and $20,000 the overall group no longer has access to.

A finance committee member told KATU News that amount was grossly exaggerated but it’s all been accounted for and is still in a finance committee member's PayPal account.

Jordan LeDoux, the group's press liaison, said the money still can't be accessed by the general assembly.

A member of the finance committee, Bryan Howarth, said the whole thing was a miscommunication between Occupy Portland committees.

The group also lost control of the domain "occupyportland.org" and had to transition to a new website, "occupypdx.org."

The dispute over the website apparently was resolved but the group’s official domain name will remain occupypdx.org.