Expect a traffic snarl on Naito starting Monday

Expect a traffic snarl on Naito starting Monday »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Your morning commute may turn into a nightmare if Southwest Naito Parkway is your normal route.

That's because the Portland Water Bureau will be putting in 5,000 feet of new pipe and Naito will be reduced from four lanes to two - one in each direction. The area that will be affected will stretch from the freeway ramp by Kelly Avenue to just south of Harrison Street.

The pipe that is being installed will follow an intricate path that starts at Southwest 1st and Porter, crosses under Naito and eventually ends at Clay Street.

The project will begin at 9:30 a.m. Monday and will last for two weeks. The speed limit will be dropped to 30 miles per hour during the work.

On a side note, crews recently came across a manhole cover that was filled with dirt and what they found below turned out to be 200 feet of tunnel, 40 feet wide, that used to be part of a freeway system that hasn't been used since the 1960s.